Tuesday, 1 March 2011


March 2, 2011

The main goal I want to set for my personal project this time, is by earning people's awareness of cosmetic surgery's ethical issues, for it is often being misused as a beauty treatment. In order to achieve the following goal, I am going to create a final product in the form of a huge painting, indicates the following information  which against cosmetic surgery. Painting would be an effective media to express creativity skills, since it easily grabs public's attention and make people aware with the consequences and ethical issues of cosmetic surgery.Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 4.39.36 PM.png
Here's the brainstorm of my personal project ideas, which I drew on my sketch book. The main purpose of this project, is to make people realize about the issues of cosmetic surgery, and I would like to deliver the message to the audience through painting as an effective media. 

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