Theresa Tio 10.1

Deceptive Beauty Surgery

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Sinarmas World Academy 2011

In grade 10, students are being given a golden opportunity to create a personal project, which is related to their own personal interests. Varieties of product results can be expressed freely in an abundance of different and creative ways, according to the student’s desire. While this project, is going to specifically explore a deeper concept and understanding of cosmetic surgery ethical issues. This personal statement is about to report the whole necessary details, which are related to the cosmetic surgery issues project. Process, analysis, and reflection of the product’s result would be included as important features in this following report.

On nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become a popular trend in the society, especially in the Hollywood. It often gets misused for fixing physical beauty, which possibly can cross out of the ethical boundary line. Such a controversial social issue of cosmetic surgery would have been classified as health and social education in the AOI (Areas of Interaction) link, since it is related to the surrounding society, and about to help people gain a new perspective and understanding of cosmetic surgery issue. Such a social issue topic is being specifically chosen for this project, for there is a main concern for the victims of cosmetic surgery who often has been misusing it for beauty. There is also a personal experience of a close relative who has been the victim of cosmetic surgery itself, which play an important role as the main inspiration of this project.

While for the product’s result, would be produced in the form of an enormous painting, as an affective visual media to attract audience’s attention and to communicate the actual issues of cosmetic surgery, in the abstract and sophisticated kind of way. The main purpose of this project is to deliver the message of cosmetic surgery’s issues to the audience, and showing the understanding the different perspective of cosmetic surgery, through painting as an appealing visual media.

In order to achieve the goal, successful points should be listed in a specification, to prove the actual success of the final product, whether it has achieved the goal or not. According to the decided specification, to prove the success of the final product, a list of surveys about the painting would be needed to prove, whether the product has successfully achieved the goal. The requirement that prove the main success of the final product is to at least achieve ten positive comments of the audience, for the survey, which show their understanding of the painting’s concept.

Researching is one of the most necessary parts to start the project. Through researching, there are a plenty of accesses and chances to explore deeper things about cosmetic surgery’s issues. Using a wide variety of sources, would have been an affective way to increase the possibilities of the sources’ accuracy and reliability, by comparing and analyzing the assembled sources of information. Through researching using different sources of information, there is a better possibility of gaining a wider perspective and understanding of the concept. An abundance of different sources are being used for this project. Those include internet, book, magazine, and interview.

Most of the researches were emerged from internet websites, while some other different sources also being utilized. There are some different point of views obtained from the different sources, different opinions about cosmetic surgery issues. The social issues of beauty surgery is relative, which creates a wide perspectives and variety of bias. Those include Christian perspective, psychological rationale, and the surgery victim’s personal experience. Some examples of famous cosmetic surgery paintings also can be used as a useful inspiration for the painting as the final product.

There are an abundance of useful examples to indicate the researches. From the Christian and biblical perspective, it is being stated in the bible that it is wrong to utilize cosmetic surgery just merely to fix beauty. A bible verse of Genesis 1:26-27 says, “God spoke, ‘Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature so they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle and yes, Earth itself and every animal that moves on the face of the Earth’.