Tuesday, 3 May 2011


In order to know, whether my my product has achieved its successful requirement or not, list of specification is needed to be created. The main goal of this project, is to make people understanding the ethical issues of cosmetic surgery, and understanding the concept and message from my painting, to prove it as an affective visual media. In order to find out the success of my product, I'm aiming to achieve for at least 10 comments from the visitors, during the exhibition time, that shows their understanding of my painting's concept, which is about cosmetic surgery's issues. I'm going to create a list of surveys about my final product, which the visitors can freely write about their thought and understanding about my painting. If there are for at least 10 positive comments from the visitors, who show their understanding of the painting's concept, that is the point when my final product has successfully achieve the goal. While if it's possible, it would be great to sell my painting with a price of at least 5 million rupiah.

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