Saturday, 19 March 2011

What is beauty?

20 March, 2011

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". The entire statement tells us that the concept of beauty is relative, there is right or wrong answer of beauty. Considering the varieties of different opinions and perspectives, there are a whole lots of different beauty perception in different places all over the world. Western society set different beauty standards than the Asian society. Beauty perception keeps changing as the time passed by, just like a trend, and nothing's ever certain. In South Korea, the women has been doing cosmetic surgery like it's a trend. They keep doing surgeries to fix their looks, and never get satisfied with themselves. Actually everybody is beautiful in their own different ways, and there's no need to change it, despite the beauty standards set by.

Here are some of the following examples of beauty perception over different times and societies:

Kalimantan, Indonesia. In Dayak people culture, the bigger the ear holes, the more beautiful the women. Ouch, that might hurts..

When you notice it carefully, the following famous painting of Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, Mona Lisa does not have any eyebrows nor eye lashes left on her face. Back then in medieval times, European cultures, shaving the entire eyebrows and eye lashes was a famous trend in the society.
Back then in ancient Chinese times, small feet of women was considered as beautiful. The women in China forced their feet to fit inside a super small sized shoes, cause it to be crooked badly..

"Beautiful Long Neck" of the Thailand women

Ethiopia, Mursis' sign of beauty

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